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Animation Shop has high-quality easy-to-use creative effects, features, and optimization options for Web graphic designers of every level. Whether used as a standalone application or as a complement to Paint Shop Pro, Animation Shop gives you the ability to easily create buttons, banners, and other cool animations.

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    Guest 2 months ago

    This program is so helpful. I love this program.

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    Guest 11 months ago

    I have used this program for many years. When Corel bought PSP they left behind Animation Shop. I have never had a problem running it until yesterday and I believe it must have been an update in Windows 10 that has caused the problem. I will be so sad if I can't keep it working.

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    Peter jackson Last year

    Animation shop contains easy to use animation tools for most creative and awesome amination effects. This shop has high quality creative effects, graphics allows you to create games, animated movies, video clips, wallpapers, digital greeting cards etc.

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      okaoklenny 10 months ago

      So let me get specific:
      So in other words, say I wanted to make an anime. Say I wanted to have one character in a constant animation as I make him move across the screen, and as I do that the background will go into a constant animation of his own.
      In other words, can I put a .avi file over a .avi file or a .gif over a .gif with this thing?

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